SAIK, it is a common name for special electronic deposits used mainly for key protection and management. All valuables can be protected thanks to lockboxes as well. Owing to the highest standards and client’s requirements adjustment SAIK deposits have helped to secure property of the most significant state institutions and private companies for more than 10 years


The Homatic system is dedicated to those office buildings, hotels and other large-size buildings whose owner values the economic, simple and effective heating, air-conditioning or electricity management including the access control. System’s capabilities can be limited only by the imagination. The innovative Homatic system guarantees the highest standard and universal solution that works well in every facility
  • SAIK Key

    Basic system element used to secure deposited key storage

  • SAIK Soft

    Based on reliable SAIK system software mechanisms

  • SAIK Lock

    The latest SAIK family key deposit provides full key protection

  • Homatic

    BMS, dedicated to buildings such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, conference centers and public buildings